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If There Was No More Time 4: Break the Spell

Image Source: akosmopolite . Pay no mind to the spellcasters who brute force their dark reality upon us, for even today, I can still hear your heart beating. If there was no more time, I would say I know what no one else knows about you, encased inside the time slip. I am your secret. Image Source: Brainy People . The world has become so fake that the truth is secret, mislabeled, inverted, trampled by sheep-walkers. Image Source: pinterest . But I have seen the star ignite and I know how much they fear and hate it. I have seen the spark, the mirrored light, the slow burn, and the illumination that radiates and consumes illusions. I saw your solid, gleaming building turn transparent before the fake people and bricks began to sublimate. It was as natural as the rising sun, and treachery, sacrifice and lies could not suppress it. There is nothing that could make us separate from separate, and no victory inside the extinction mindset.  It is not we who defeat them, but they who erase them

If There Was No More Time 4: Break the Spell

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