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Politics, Ideology, and the Technosphere 1: Conservatives and Nazis

Image Source: Wiki.
This blog deals with various forms of writing, including academic writing. Since 1945, in the humanities, academic writing has reflected a grand liberal vision of civil society.

For decades, conservatives have complained that the universities favour liberal-left colleagues and are centres of anti-right discrimination. It seemed so at the University of Vienna yesterday, when far-left protesters disrupted the lecture of Professor Lothar Höbelt, a historian of Central Europe. This was the third time that Antifa protesters have tried to block Höbelt from speaking, due to supposed Nazi attitudes. This time, they succeeded because they threatened violence.

A protest against Höbelt's lecture on 19 November 2019. Image Source: Presseservice Wien; for the January 2020 protest, see: Twittervia OE24.
I have read some of this man's books and articles and he is not a Nazi, despite his dubious flirtations with David Irving. He is a conservative. This is a disgraceful dis…

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