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The Miracle of Context

Image Source: Minds . Can you recognize  the truth, if it's taken out of context? The Internet has lately become Pandora's Box, spilling out its contents to those who dare to look  (or look again - or again ). Images Source: Hello! Magazine / Getty . Last week, a friend dismissed my claim that people want to see the truth. He thinks people are not interested in abstracts like 'truth.' They just want to get on with their lives. Whether they want the truth or not, the signs and symbols of truth are on the move. Conversations float around and skim the surface. Another friend wondered out loud tonight, "It feels like the virus is more of a meme than anything else." In the wake of the US inauguration, disinformation, strange rumours, and weird info dumps are circulating online. Everything feels off, but bizarrely connected. There is something bigger at play. Image Source: 4chan ; also here . Truth and fiction overlap. There is no way to drill down to bedrock. It

The Golden Path of the Divine Masculine

English Translations of Viral Videos from Wuhan outbreak | Coronavirus (25 January 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

Last week, the disaffected Kiwi vlogger Ed at The Outer Light channel on Youtube reflected on the coronavirus epidemic. He wondered whether the virus was a natural phenomenon or an engineered bioweapon, which was leaked accidentally or through an act of sabotage.

No one - at least no one in the public - will likely ever know whether this virus was a tool of mass murder which was cooked up in a lab. That possibility, if true, would delegitimize the Chinese government and anyone who had a hand in making the virus.

The Carnival of Chaos and the Golden Path

That secrecy made Ed lament about the state of the world. Even if we did know the truth, he felt it would make no difference, because no one in a position of power today defends truth in order to guide us toward collective survival and a larger morality. It made Ed think of the elaborate fictional exploration of this problem in Frank Herbert's Dune, the best-selling science fiction novel of all time:
"Even if you could prove it ... nothing would happen. Do you think in a world where convicted pedophiles have their cameras turned off - and now we know [from] news reports that the warden of Epstein's prison facility (I don't mean to go back to Epstein for a second) - he's been promoted after that to a really cushy Club Fed job. He was promoted! The cameras all malfunctioned. ...

Is that a fair world? Is that a world where the good people run things? Is that a world where the scientists ... are all trying to build for the better good? No, it's not.

The real sad thing, the state of affairs that we live in, is that it's a carnival of chaos. ... There's no real order to anything. ... There's no order any more. ...

There's no ... golden path. .... The actual terminology comes from the series Dune ... it comes from the idea that you had the Kwisatz Haderach ... he ... had prescience into the future and analyzed this golden path that he could steer humanity on. It's a science fiction novel. There's no one like that. This is just a chaotic machine that's creating outputs. ... No one's in control of it, I don't think. Yes, there's many entities trying to control it, a lot of bad entities. But largely, it's gone to the point where the train is headed in one direction, and sooner or later it will go off a cliff."
In the Dune series, the golden path is a tyrannical and problematic scheme hatched by the fictional House Atreides to save humankind from total extinction. If we stand now on the brink of global pandemic in which millions will die, it's not surprising that Ed would think of this story. Dune's most critical aspect involves the transformation of the masculine principle to the highest possible levels of awareness, agency, and manifestation in the world. In other words, Dune speaks of the evolution of a Messiah and the path he follows to save us all.

Children of Dune - The Golden Path (17 January 2015). Video Source: Youtube.

Several Dune books addressed the golden path scheme because it consumes, destroys, and finally vindicates House Atreides. The plan transforms these heroic characters into villains, even as they are aware that it is the only way they can preserve their species from the worst instincts in human nature and to protect humans from cataclysms in all directions of time - past, present and future.

Sci-fi Pol Sci Episode 7: The Golden Path (6 June 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

The saving grace of the golden path is that it is a grand, many-millennia exercise in reverse psychology. The final Messianic character, Leto II Atreides, God Emperor of Dune, knows that the massive oppression he creates over 3500 years will inspire a counter-movement - sparked by an Atreides descendant of Leto's long dead twin sister - toward permanent freedom. As one Youtuber put it:
"The point of the Golden path was to create a situation in which humanity could not be completely controlled, stagnate or be entirely exterminated. That's it. The thousands of years of Leto's peace were the social equivalent of building tension within a spring or bow, and Leto's death was the triggering point for releasing the tension and unleashing the energy it represented."

Dune Talk: Leto's Sacrifice and The Golden Path (18 July 2018). Video Source: Youtube.

Ultimate Guide to Dune (Part 5) God Emperor of Dune (5 October 2018). Video Source: Youtube.

The Sleeper Must Awaken

Screenshot of James McAvoy as Leto II Atreides, from the Children of Dune miniseries (2003). Image Source: Wiki.

The most torturous aspect of this story is the fact that the characters are forced to change into superhumans. They must face mounting challenges in order to awaken sleeping abilities inside of them. The books present a progressively terrifying, self-sacrificial acceptance of agony, so that the Atreides may transcend mundane existence. Individual Atreides characters face incremental tests and they undergo a transformation as a family. Their approach toward the golden path includes some who fail. But the general progress of the family is one of relentless training to achieve higher vision as leaders whose impulse directs humankind toward life, not death.

The House Atreides characters represent a collection of values which together are equated in the Dune series as the only possible path to preserve humanity: love between the animus (masculine) and anima (feminine) energies; training and discipline; conquering fear; spiritual awakening; personal transformation; higher vision of time and space; survival through love, freedom, and regeneration after death; and resourcefulness, courage, self-sacrifice and ruthlessness to drive it all home.

Leto I Atreides introduces the concept. "Dune" (1984): The Sleeper Must Awaken (21 March 2016). Video Source: Youtube.

The sleeper (3 December 2009). Video Source: Youtube.

The Current Order in Reality

People who have read the first Dune book consider its discussion on resources to describe our real strategic problems with oil in the Middle East. The books are laced with adaptations from Arab culture and Islamic lore. But the resemblance to reality stops there. Sadly, there is no House Atreides coming to rescue and preserve us, with their vision of a golden path.

Instead, as with Ed's despair on The Outer Light, most Internet commentators today would describe our current order to be bent on human destruction, the antithesis of the Atreides survivalist ethos. Trolls and anons alike would equate the global establishment with the death cults of the Atreides' enemies, House Harkonnen.

Members of the alt-media and social media commentators have spent the past decade reaching this conclusion, through millions of blog posts, videos, forum discussions, and conspiracist Websites.

The anons usually condemn tech billionaires, political elites like the Clintons and Bushes, or the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. Hacktivists and conspiracy theorists acknowledge that this establishment may imagine themselves to be Atreides actors. That is, the elites see themselves as enlightened agents who act for the highest good of humankind. Our leaders believe they are endowed with expertise and judgement to know what that highest good is, and where and when to make sacrifices.

The alt-media would argue in response that our leaders are deluded Nazi-esque psychopaths, and that elites' actions depend on fear, lies, manipulations, false flags, orchestrated mass deaths, and genocide. It is a system dedicated to survival of the one per cent, while the 'useless eater' masses who ruin the environment will be culled in vast numbers in an ends-justify-the-means policy. The surviving vestiges of the mob will enter into servitude, and get down on their knees where they belong.

The Illuminati want to kill us: that is the broad, online conclusion. This consensus combines anti-Semitism, anti-elitism and anti-statism. The Internet trolls, truthers to the end, look no further than 9/11, or the Georgia Guidestones, and statements about the New World Order for confirmation. For anons boot-strapping themselves into an Internet-based, peer-to-peer world, the coronavirus epidemic confirms their fears about killer leaders who secretly hate the masses.

This conviction reveals a tragic dislocation between world leaders and those whom they lead. It shows disillusionment amongst the mob so extreme that it could be fatal for major authorities. Our leading lights need to stop hectoring, conditioning, and lecturing the mob. They need to listen to what the masses are saying; they need to look at themselves and ask why and how popular confidence in the system was destroyed.

Gnosticism and the Crisis of Masculinity

Image Source: Beyond the Ordinary.

Without getting into whether our leaders are actually guilty of the things of which they are accused, there are other factors influencing the online mob's mentality.

Firstly, the coronavirus reflects - by its creation or by its emergency management - the very system which raised our current leaders to the top. In New Age online communities, the current order is considered to be one of toxic masculinity. It is a rat race which enslaves men through their (un)willing participation and self-sacrifice. It rewards men in the worst ways and makes women unhappy. It thereby distorts male and female experiences. It turns men into liars, narcissists and robots, who are cut off from their emotions. Under these conditions, men are addicted to short term fixes: superficial relationships, combined with sports, drugs and porn to fill their inner emptiness. The same system transforms women into vicious, codependent, two-faced, self-serving materialists. They exploit their sexuality to use men and are disloyal to their lovers and friends. The toxic masculine system prioritizes conspicuous consumption, greed, competition and war. It twists science and technology to serve dark politics.

Virtual New Agers find the source of toxic masculinity in the corruption of the secular, rationalist Enlightenment. They argue that this system trumpets human causes, but is in fact an anti-human creed with a limited, linear conception of cause and effect. The corrupted Enlightenment erases personal responsibility for one's own actions and consciousness. Online spiritualists reject enlightenment and seek the opposite principle, a spiritual awakening.

Secondly, ours is a profoundly gnostic period. The Christian heresy of gnosticism has infected the one per cent as much as it has the ninety-nine per cent. The path to spiritual awakening in online circles is gnostic. But there is some confusion about how gnosticism may be implemented.

Gnosticism describes, among other things, progressive awakening through a Hegelian dialectic between masculine and feminine principles. The merger between the two represents the highest human drive, wherein the spiritual and physical are combined. Union between the sexes and genders is quite simply, the source of our species' survival, the creation of life and legacy, the transcendence of time. The question is how to bring that godly aspect into material reality.

Androgyny as an occult symbol of alchemy. Image Source:

Among the one per cent, you can see a Luciferian gnostic agenda at work in the effort to build a transgender rights movement, based on medically-enabled hermaphroditism, hormone therapies, cosmetic surgeries, and sex changes for children and adults. Its critics call this transgender agenda a dark spiritual effort because it artificially exploits scientific and medical capabilities to bring the male-female into existence in the mundane world. This is the Rebis, a non-dualistic creature. The transgender project is an attempt to brute force a merger of masculine and feminine physical existences in literal-minded and political ways.

Believers in the transgender movement would argue that those who undergo sex changes become living gods; the transgendered individual undergoes apotheosis or deification. It is a profane rendering of god into flesh. This is Masonic and Hermetic enlightenment made real. This movement represents a highly contentious variation of gnostic attitudes, grounded in secret faith.

Image Source: Shamangelic Healing.

Thirdly, the spiritual awakening of the so-called Age of Aquarius is gnostic in a different way from that espoused by the transgender movement. This form of gnosticism attempts to heal toxic masculinity, which is why fringe alt-media groups mingle conspiracy theories with health therapies. There is a push to reconceptualize human relationships in terms of divinely-united, balanced gendered energies. You need only search for 'divine feminine' and 'divine masculine' and a massive subculture comes up.

I believe that this experience intertwines a yearning for deeper love in an increasingly cold and alienated world with the daily fantasy of virtual reality found on social media. The two experiences (intense love and virtual association) combine through individuals' genuine spiritual evolutions and explorations on the one hand, and old-fashioned capitalism at work in the New Age movement on the other.

The Bene Gesserit of Dune (17 March 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

Again, Dune provides a fanciful touchstone, as it is a gnostic saga. It presents the idea that women can form formidable spiritual collectives in the Bene Gesserit sisterhood of priestesses. It is they who write Dune's famous mantra, the litany against fear. However, there is a final point of cataclysmic consciousness - of combined awakening, remembering and prescience - which females cannot attain. The human circle can only be closed, and the species' survival ensured, on this spiritual level by an enlightened divine masculine, a Messiah, a 'Kwisatz Haderach,' who can see what woman cannot.

Image Source: Conscious Reminder.

Image Source: Facebook.

This is an interesting ideal, considering that mainstream culture spends most of its time deriding men and telling them to kill themselves. The real world attack on patriarchy is a 20th century Punch and Judy show, which ignores grassroots activity all over the Internet by so-called divine feminines to locate the divine masculine and to wake him up in men everywhere. A virtual movement is afoot to overturn the corrupted New World Order of toxic masculinity and to destroy its bean-counting values of exploitation, crime, violence, money, materialism, and egotism.

Image Source: meme.

The virtual movement proclaims a transformative, unconditional love between anima and animus, which is far greater than that found in usual relationships. This intense, soul-based love demands that conditional, corrupted personal connections which distort the physical world be karmically resolved and ended. This 'mission' implies the same gnostic merger as the transgender movement, but without the alteration of individuals' physical bodies: an energetic transgenderism occurs inside the soul. The result includes videos below. These are produced by men who have begun to challenge the rat race system, to study spiritual lore, and to seek consciousness beyond self-compromise.

Twin flames -Interview with Mario Quaranta (17 November 2018). Video Source: Youtube.

Why Is It So Difficult To Awaken The Divine Masculine Energy And Unite The Divine Feminine Energy (15 July 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

Transforming Our Pain Through Self-acceptance (20 January 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

Ahrimanic AI Singularity - Transhumanist Consciousness Trap - The Eighth Sphere (28 January 2020). Video Source: Youtube.

A trickle-down transformation of the physical world is expected in these cultish online circles, through the healing of injuries inflicted between the sexes over millennia, and through the balancing of masculine and feminine attitudes in every awakened individual's behaviours. The divine feminines have formed online communities, not unlike those of the Bene Gesserit, in which they endlessly appeal to men to become enlightened beings among the ninety-nine per cent, so that the mob may finally be freed from its benighted brutality. In the video below, you can see an example of embryonic social media religiosity, fueled by a divine feminine call for the rise of the divine masculine in New Age gnostic terms. They conclude: "We love you, divine masculine."

Church Ceremony For Twin Flame Union’s 2020 (15 December 2019). Video Source: Youtube.

This is how virtual reality and social media began to build a quasi-religious movement, and to move beyond the basic disillusionment with authority and the established system found in conspiracy theory circles. These new online communities have become a spiritual training ground so that divine masculines and divine feminines cooperate to ensure human survival. At its core, this is an attempt to change the world by facing fear, and expressing total, unconditional love. It could not have happened without the hotbed of social media. As the Messianic character Paul Atreides put it in Dune: God created Arrakis to train the faithful.


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