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Calling until the Cows Come Home

Using swedish herding call "kulning" to call home escaping cows (4 July 2016). Video Source: Youtube.
In Sweden and other Nordic countries, girls used to herd cattle and goats by singing to them so that the animals would come running home from the verges of forests and hills. Above, see how Jonna Jinton practised this ancient herding call, called kulning, in 2016. She wrote:
"Yesterday (3 july) the cows in our village escaped out of their fence, and were on the way o[ut] of the village to the woods. For the first time in my life I really got use for the 'kulning', the ancient swedish herding call that were used long time ago to call in the cows. It really did work! They turned around to listen, and then they came running the right way towards me. With help from my mom we managed to get them into another cow pen. I can't describe what a wonderful feeling it was to see the cows following my song. Kulning really works and I will continue to learn this ancien…

NaNoWriMo: Halcyon Days

How novels get written.

From a writers' meeting at Beau's microbrewery today in Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada, here is a NaNoWriMo moment. The stuffed ferret is not mine! It belongs to one of the municipal liaisons of the local NaNo chapter, Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. Thanks to Taras for organizing the write-in.

Thanks as well to Beau's. The brewery makes the best beer I've ever tasted, including all the beers I tried in Central Europe, and I once worked at a beer garden in Munich. The beer, a lagered ale with 5.2% alcohol named Lug-Tread, is the winner of many awards, including several Canadian national gold cups and the #1 spot on Ottawa's 101 Tastes To Try Before You Die list. Beau's site describes their flagship ale:
"Lug-Tread is our tribute to the classic K├Âlsch beers of Cologne, Germany. It is versatile and well suited to any season or occasion, with satisfying, chewy malts to warm in the colder months, and a refreshing, crisp finish to quench a summer’s thirst. The tracks left in the mud from a small tractor’s Lug Tread tell the tale of honest hard work and close family ties.

Lug-Tread pours a brilliantly clear straw gold, with rocky white foam. A Graham cracker malt character mingles with notes of freshly cut hay and a subtle touch of apple. Sweet, grainy malt is followed by balanced hop bitterness, and the finish is clean and dry."
As the Most Interesting Man in the World might say, "I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I drink Lug-Tread." And Beau's didn't ask me to write this! It is well-made, honouring long-standing traditions, and is a testimony to craftsmanship, something I appreciate, hammering out text at the table or on the keyboard.

Beau's Lug•Tread Lagered Ale ft. in Beertown Beer Bios (24 May 2013). Video Source: Youtube.

Bryce McBain, the Beaus' brewmaster who wants to make the perfect beer using traditional methods. Halcyon Barrel House (16 May 2017). Video Source: Youtube.

Beau's Brewery also makes limited edition experimental and specialty beers with literary names, some pictured here, under their affiliated label, Halcyon Barrel House. From their site:
"Halcyon Barrel House specializes in producing small batches of wild and sour ales, using European-style brewing traditions of mixed fermentation and aging in wood barrels, as well as bottle and keg conditioning. Halcyon refers to a past that we remember fondly. We are looking back to older, more traditional brewing methods to inspire how and what we brew today."


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